Linkstom company produces digital products with the aim of creating a revolution in this field with greater creativity and quality.

Our organization focused on three basic ideas, Creativity, Faith in what we offer, then Loyalty first class, We are not like everyone, You may have a website or an App, but you will not feel proud and distinguished if you miss our services or one of our offers. We are always ready to try new things with all our energies.

You are a contractor, a company, a service provider… You are in the right place to distinguish yourself from the audience.

The way our team created the Linkstom company, is a new experience to be a strong competitor, different from what traditional online marketing agencies are like.


The Linkstom Company was established by ambitious young people, who love and respect their profession and their work, their vision is clear and their belief in their ideas, making them have several experiments, and great challenges, create them a united force that creates events in this field.

This has made it difficult to establish this institution, giving us confidence that we can keep our name in the minds of clients.


Our Foundation was launched in 2017, as it went through several stations, and old other names, and then several small and large experiments, including applications and websites, etc…, and several technical activities, as well as experience in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing, in late 2016. And in 2020 In conjunction with the Covid-19 virus, the company paused, to return some updates, as well in the field of work, and the quality of services, that as some new plans that made us see this institution from a different and new angle, which made us decide to change the name in 2021, which carries its meaning The links of atoms, which create a solid nucleus, are the primary scheme of quality, strength, and continuity.


Our goal is one, our philosophy is one,

We are not the only ones but we are the best.

Mounir Elgartit

El Gartit Mounir

IT Engineer
Mounir Elgartit

Hammoumi Hamza

UI & UX Engineer

Our Brands & Projects

As a different company, we aim to create a successful program for your business (no matter how simple or complex), and you will reap the benefits.

We will realize your vision of products and provide your business with high quality strategies. We are going to make you simple and confident, different from others with many basic values, including:

  • Belief in ideas.
  • Planning and Organizing.
  • Guaranteed Quality.
  • Strong Communication.
  • Precision at work.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
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The way our team created the Linkstom Foundation, is a new experience to be a strong competitor, different from what traditional online marketing agencies are like.

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